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Founder of YOGA BAGEL, Wing Yu, has been drawn to the benefits of yoga since 2013 when she began practicing to alleviate back pain caused by scoliosis. With a strong commitment to her practice, Wing has gone on to achieve the significant milestone of completing the 200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2015, as well as the 300 Hours Advanced Hatha Yoga Teaching Training in 2017, under the expert guidance of Master Yogananth Andiappan. Accredited by both the Asana Andiappan College of Yoga and Research Centre in India and Yoga Alliance in the USA, Wing is highly qualified to guide students through the journey of yoga.


Embracing her upbeat philosophy, Wing encourages students to "Create Your Own Sunshine" by maintaining a positive state of mind. Her classes blend dynamic movement and gentle stretching and breathing exercises, awakening the body while calming the soul. Join Wing in exploring the beauty of yoga and discover the transformative power within yourself.



起初因脊柱側彎而接觸瑜伽,練習了大約五年,2015 年正式於香港 Anahata Yoga 學校考獲 200 小時瑜伽導師資格,其後再完成 300 小時進階瑜伽導師證書*。


她的教學座右銘是「Create Your Own Sunshine 自己快樂自己創」- 瑜伽令她找到快樂,所以她想把這份簡單的快樂感染身邊人。她認為瑜伽不論教與學都是終生學習,她在授學的同時也在學習 - 學習分享,學習關心。她是一名瑜伽老師, 亦是一位努力增值的瑜伽學生。她的課堂混合了充滿活力的 Asana 體位動作及 緩柔的伸展和呼吸練習,來與 Wing Yu 一起練習,體驗瑜伽的樂趣吧!

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