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This is originally founded by Mr. Young Ho Kim.


During the Inside Flow class, our instructor will lead you gently move from one posture to another carried by the music, bringing you into a trance-like, almost meditative state.

You will be taught a yoga sequence choreographed in perfect harmony to help you experience a flow-like state of mind without any resistance, connecting your body, mind, and breathing.

In Inside Flow, you are singing a song with your body - it has different sequences with slow, fast, upbeat, and relaxing songs from Hip Hop to pop music!

> Suitable for All Levels  

> Class will be conducted in English 


內觀流瑜伽是由德籍韓國瑜伽老師 Young Ho Kim 創辦的瑜伽體系。看起來像舞蹈,卻又是由瑜伽體式、呼吸和音樂合為一體。 音樂貫穿在內觀流課程當中,體位與音樂完美結合,讓學員輕盈地從一個體式轉換到另一個體式,帶你進入一種動態默想狀態。

> 適合所有級別

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