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Inside Flow

Inside Flow was first founded by Mr. Young Ho Kim, merging the physicality of yoga with the magic of music. Unlike traditional yoga classes, the core concept of Inside Flow Yoga lies in the expertly choreographed transitions between yoga poses, perfectly synchronised with the accompanying music, almost like a dance, where participants are fully absorbed in the present moment and lose track of time. 


The choice of music in Inside Flow is diverse, ranging from popular genres like Hip Hop and pop music. This selection ensures that each pose is accompanied by an appropriate rhythm and intensity, enhancing the overall flow of the practice. 


Inside Flow classes are suitable for individuals with a basic background in yoga. 


In Inside Flow (Beginners), our instructor will provide a brief introduction to the practice and guide newcomers through the Inside Flow breathing technique before proceeding with the sequence. This allows beginners to familiarize themselves with the style and gradually ease into the practice.


In Inside Flow (Open Levels), those who have already established a regular practice in Inside Flow, the Open Levels class offers a more advanced experience. With a greater variety of songs and movements, participants can further explore their physical and creative abilities. Throughout the class, our instructor maintains an encouraging tone, motivating everyone to confidently push their boundaries and discover their inner strength.

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