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Arm Balances & Inversions

Arm Balances  improve core strength, keep the bones sturdy, and sharpen mental discipline. One reason arm balances are so challenging is they require both strength and flexibility. The goal of yoga inversions is to improve your flexibility, circulation, energy, and even self-esteem. 

This specialized class focuses on building upper body strength to prepare the practitioner for level 1 inversions like shoulder stand as well as advanced inversions like arm balances, head stand, etc.

Some preparatory practices and postures are included, while all the inversions are taught in a safe manner.

The aim of this class is to build a strong practice so the practitioner can move into, hold, and come out of an arm balancing posture on their own. Hands-on adjustment is provided.


With a proper warm-up sequence and our instructor's guidance, you will get stronger physically and mentally from the practice.

  • Suitable for students who have a regular practice of more than 6 months.

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