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Alice found her love for artistic movement at an early age of 5 when she leaped into the world of dancing, which remained her passion for 10+ years. From an avid dancer, she transformed into a curious yogi when she moved back to Hong Kong from London in 2017 to embark on a new journey.  With regular practice, she discovers inner peace through the alignment of mind, body, and soul. Alice especially enjoys the practice of heart-opening asanas, as they manifest the fundamental love and compassion one should have for the self and others. In 2021, Alice had her 200 hours Transformation teacher training with Samrat Dasgupta, who provided invaluable mentoring and inspired her to be a yoga teacher.

Alice teaches Hatha, relaxing stretch with singing bowls, and inside flow classes. She would love to share her love for yoga with all the kindred souls out there. Join her on the mat to discover the connection between breathing and asanas.

Wing Yu | @yuwinggg: Our Team
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