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Hatha Yoga involves a set of physical yoga postures (asana) and breathing techniques (pranayama) that help you feel relaxed and good after an hour of practice.


Aimed at increasing your body awareness by correcting your body alignments, you will get to try different yoga postures with a better understanding of your body in this class. 


With ‘HA’ represents the sun and ‘THA’ means the moon, the practice of Hatha Yoga is to connect and balance the two energies.​

> Suitable for beginners

> Class conducted in English & Cantonese


哈達瑜伽是包括基礎體位法、拜日式和簡單呼吸法的練習。Hatha 中的「HA」梵文意譯「太陽」,「THA」是月亮 - 而 Hatha 則是連結及平衡兩股力量的組合。



Sunset Yoga
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