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Do you have a kind of a love-hate relationship with back-bending yoga postures? The class aimed at sharing tips with you to avoid the risk of pain and injury and practice with the right alignment when you’re working on your backbend practice.

Your ability to do backbends in yoga is not only determined by the flexibility of your spine, but also the tightness in the hip flexors, the shoulders, and the side body.

Preparatory poses to warm up the body for backbends will be covered. 

> Good for students with a basic knowledge of Yoga.


你對後彎瑜伽練習會又愛又恨嗎? 瑜伽的後彎不僅取決於脊柱的柔韌性,還要依靠髖屈肌、肩膀和側腰的靈活性作協助。此課堂會與您分享後彎的正確技巧和熱身,助你避免訓練時帶來的疼痛和受傷風險。

> 適合有瑜伽基礎知識的學生。

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