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Nina Park (guest teacher)

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Nina Park is a vivacious human who lives with a zest for life. As the daughter of the first US Olympic Coach for Taekwondo, Nina was a former champion in the martial arts. Born and raised in New York and then moving to Los Angeles, Nina became an accomplished actress, singer, dancer and model. Soon after, Nina was scouted by top South Korean record labels and later moved to Seoul, Korea where she became a K-Pop artist - writing, composing, and co-producing her debut album “Hit’M” and opening for Mariah Carey’s World Tour. She starred in her own reality TV show and even had a character named after her in an online game called “Priston Tale”. 

Throughout Nina’s entertainment career, she embraced yoga as part of her journey. Despite initially practicing yoga as a form of exercise, she began to learn more about her own body and fell in love with the journey of mindfulness and self-discovery. The mat quickly became a place where her mind, body, and spirit weaved together to form a state of internal bliss. 

After accumulating 12 years of yoga knowledge and practice, Nina was inspired to share the “good news” and become a dedicated teacher. In May 2019, she completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at The Collective - Desa Seni School of Yoga in Bali, Indonesia and quickly thereafter started teaching in Hong Kong. Nina’s creativity, energy, and clarity have quickly won the hearts of many – she is frequently referenced across various media outlets and, most notably, in Tatler Hong Kong as “the go-to yoga teacher for a dynamic yoga class.”

Nina aims to make yoga accessible for everyone. Merging her unique backgrounds as a former Taekwondo champion and K-Pop artist, Nina is the founder of her own unique ‘Glow Flow Yoga’ method. Known for her versatility, Nina’s classes range from a dynamic and soulful ‘Signature Vinyasa Glow Flow Yoga’ class, to a deeply relaxing and introspective candlelit Yin Yoga class. Her background in live performance on stages across the globe and her eternal love for music has Nina curating a unique soundtrack for each and every class. She has been teaching in Hong Kong for a little over a year offering private lessons, online ZOOM classes, outdoor group classes, as well as her exclusive ‘Wellness Entertainment’ series ‘The Immersive Glow Experience’. This class captures the true essence of Nina’s ‘Glow Flow Yoga’ method as a full production, incorporating all the senses while using the latest multimedia projection technology. Nina is back as a 'Guest Teacher' exclusively at Yoga Bagel as of December 2020! Try one of Nina’s classes and you’ll definitely leave “glowing” from the inside out!

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