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By Nina / Tuesday 4:45PM

Yin Yoga is a deep, meditative, and profound practice which is based on the longer, more passive holds. The Yin style involves surrendering into poses and holding them for longer periods of time in order to release tensions stored in the body, targeting deep connective tissues.


On the mental and psychological levels, Yin practices offer us a chance to be introspective. By observing the breath and focusing on the present moment, we develop mindfulness skills that can be transferred from the mat to everyday life.

Yin Yoga is practiced sitting or lying on the floor. The pace is slow, so you need to wear comfortable clothes and consider keeping your socks on.

> Suitable for ALL levels
> NO inversions or strenuous poses
> Class conducted in English
> Class complemented with Nina’s carefully curated playlist
> Includes aromatherapy using therapeutic grade ‘dōTERRA’ essential oils and brief pranayama (breathwork) exercise

Couple Yoga
Meditation & Singing Bowl Healing: Service
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