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By Nina Park / Sundays 10:15AM / Mondays 6:15PM / Friday 11:15AM / Sundays 10:15AM

Nina Park is a former K-Pop artist, songwriter, dancer, as well as a 3rd-degree black belt in Taekwondo. Merging her unique backgrounds, Nina is known for her dynamic approach to teaching yoga. Her Signature GLOW FLOW yoga class is a movement + musical vinyasa flow, focusing on the proper engagement of muscles and body alignment. You will be guided through creative sequences carried along to the rhythm of the beat in a meditative dance, pushing the limits of your balance and flexibility. Be energized and inspired. Let GLOW and flow!

> Recommended for Intermediate and Advanced practitioners
> High energy and fast-paced
> Class conducted in English
> Class complemented with Nina’s personally curated playlist
> Includes aromatherapy using therapeutic grade ‘dōTERRA’ essential oils and a brief pranayama (breathwork) exercise

Vinyasa Yoga
Dharma Yoga: Service
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