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Tweety completed her 200-hour registered yoga teacher training at Anahata. To her, Yoga is more than just a move. it’s a lifelong journey of self-discovery and the key to bringing balance to the mind, body, and spirit by practicing yoga day by day. She is passionate about sharing her practice with everyone, and to create good vibes and positive energy to her class. Helping students to discover their strength and awaken the spirit and develop their own way of the yoga path. 


Tweety 在 Anahata 瑜伽中心完成了她200 小時的瑜伽教師培訓。 對她而言,瑜伽不僅僅是身體運動,而是一種自我發現及了解的終身旅程,完全地接受自己,透過瑜伽練習來逐漸改善自己。 她熱衷於與每個人分享她的瑜伽練習,並在她的課堂上創造正能量的氛圍。


在Tweety 的課程中,您將發現自己的力量,喚醒您的心靈並發展自己風格的瑜伽道路。

Tweety Wong  |  @tweety.w: TeamMember
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