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Phoebe Wong found her passion for fitness through POP Pilates® in 2013. Since POP Pilates® group classes were unavailable in Hong Kong, Phoebe was inspired to become the first and only POP Pilates® instructor in Hong Kong and introduce this new form of workout to the local fitness industry.


Phoebe especially enjoys all kinds of workout with music. She is also a certified group aerobic instructor and certified STRONG by Zumba® instructor. Phoebe believes that being active is a lifestyle - it’s a choice you make for your health and wellness. Join Phoebe for a workout filled with positive vibes, energy, laughter and last but not least, sweat! 

2013 年,Phoebe Wong 透過 POP Pilates® 發掘了對運動的熱愛。POP Pilates® 目前只盛行於歐美等地,Phoebe 決定成為香港首位 POP Pilates® 導師,在本地宣揚這項嶄新的墊上運動。Phoebe 特別喜歡有音樂節奏的運動,因此 POP Pilates® 以外,她同時是位團體有氧訓練導師和 STRONG by Zumba® 導師。來上 Phoebe 的課,體驗充滿正能量、笑聲和汗水的訓練吧! 

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Phoebe Wong  | TeamMember
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