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Janet began her yoga journey in 2015 when she was feeling lost in life. What started off as a simple hobby led her to her own transformation — from shy, timid to now confidently living her life and serving the world in the process. She helps her students do the same and encourage them to live their most fulfilling lives through her yoga and singing bowl classes. Janet is also a dedicated learner to constantly growing and acquiring new knowledge on yoga and mindfulness techniques from various masters to keep improvising her classes. 

Janet’s classes are fun, calming, and easy to follow. She aims at helping her students become more conscious of the connection between their mind and body and our mother nature. You will instantly feel at ease and comfortable from her calming and alignment-focused guidance, even if this is your first or early introduction to yoga. Her sequences are a nice balance between stretching and strengthening your muscles at a gentle pace while connecting with your breath and sensations, a rewarding experience for your mind and body. You will leave the class feeling calm, positive, and attuned to the present.


Janet has rich experience in guiding students of varying levels and body types. She can pinpoint the misalignments in your body, and guide you to adjust through your own self-awareness. She always says: “A common myth of yoga is that you need to be able to do all those difficult and insane-looking poses, it is a misconception, Yoga is about connecting our mind and body, and bringing awareness to ourselves and the surroundings.”

Wing Yu | @yuwinggg: Our Team
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